the artist/designer behind the work

b. 1980

Sarah Cassani is an oil painter, graphic designer, and letterpress artist.

Sarah’s botanical paintings are a testament to her love of the nature outside her back door in Eliot, Maine. She brings clippings from her garden back to her studio to paint, capturing the transient beauty of each flower. Sarah also paints personal objects into her still life arrangements. In her most recent work, she paints worn and well-loved objects with personal history and associations. Sarah strives to capture the unique beauty of heirloom objects—magical in that they offer us a profound connection to our families’ unique story. If you are in search of a special piece of art for your wall, Sarah offers her original paintings as well as archival prints for sale.

Sarah’s growing line of prints, cards and stationery combine her paintings with tactile print processes such as letterpress. All paper items are handmade to order and produced in her southern Maine and New Hampshire studios.

Sarah enjoys making objects to brighten your desk, your table, and your walls.

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