Located in southern Maine, Sarah Cassani is focused on unique printing processes and creating original design solutions with a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. Whether creating a stationery collection, or designing materials for a special event, Sarah enjoys making every customer’s project as personal as possible by utilizing original artwork, custom ink color options, and font choices.

Why choose letterpress?

In a world dominated by flat, digital printing, letterpress printing possesses a unique tactile quality, with an impression that can be felt on paper. This old-fashioned method of printing is an art form in itself. Letterpress is a very unique method of printing dating back to the 15th century, with a long history of beautiful results.

Sarah designs the majority of her work with antique metal type, then hand mixes ink to find the perfect color. She then rolls out the ink onto the design, and transfers this onto thick cotton paper with a heavy cast iron printing press. This process cannot be duplicated by modern technology. 

Sarah uses both antique equipment and modern technology to carry on the art of letterpress printing. She prints larger works on an antique 1912 Golding Pearl press. Smaller works like stationery and gift tags are printed on a vintage Kelsey tabletop press. Sarah utilizes a vast collection of metal type and ornaments for most stationery and on-demand projects. For more involved works, she has custom plates made. Either way, Sarah can print most any design or project that you can dream up.

Do you still offer digital design services for businesses and organizations?

Yes! With twenty years of professional experience in graphic design, Sarah continues to take on graphic design work. From logos and branding systems to marketing design, Sarah works with her clients to create strategic design solutions. Sarah would love to hear about your project needs, and provide a free quote. Please reach out to discuss your project.