Dimensions: 34″ x 46″

This painting is available. Please contact the artist at (617) 519-4480 for pricing.


“The painting was a vision that I have had in my mind for a while and wanted (needed) to express. It is a portrait in a sense, of a mother’s love for her children, made visible through the beautiful baptismal gown she stitched by hand in 1952, symbolic of her faith, her love, and her hope for what is to come.

When Lucia, Michael’s great aunt gave us this gown, Ella was only a month old. I was so touched that she thought of us, and in awe of its beauty. Layers and layers of organza fabric, with lace, seams, gathered bits and stitches, and cared for so well that it looked as bright as ever despite its age. By painting this gown, I wanted to celebrate the amount of love that went into making this handmade baptismal gown and all it meant that she pass it to us and to Ella. I needed to paint the life and the light that I see in this gown. And in Lucia’s loving gesture.

And why did I do away with its hanger? I want this gown to appear not in any context, but rather suspended and floating freely with a life of its own.”